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Handcrafted jewelry by an artist


Lynn Bean is an artist with a passion for beauty. Through the years, she's evolved her trade in the retail fashion industry by mastering her artistry with one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. Her style can be described as uninhibited and raw, deriving inspiration from the wildness of nature. Her time spent in the Oregon Ochoco Mountains evoked a need to capture the rare moments and detailed beauty of wild birds and animals.

Lynn's signature collection depicts this inspiration through a range of stunning pieces that includes vibrant bracelets and earrings, handcrafted rings and a stunning line of art-inspired jewelry.

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Her Art Influence

From an early age, Lynn shared an interest in art. Graduating from the Illustration Department of Kendal School of Design in Grand Rapids, her career in the art world began with watercolors and prints. As her passion grew so did her expression. This led Lynn to explore her creative talents with jewelry.

About The Artist

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